Daham Sevana has provided formation and training for yongsters who completed their minor seminary formation  across the island nation Sri Lanka since 1981. These youngsters make their decision in continuing their journey to become priest. 

The great legacy of Daham Sevana Seminary is the alumni who serve daily in parishes, education, and a variety of positions throughout the Church and society, and our friends – Catholics who share the passion of supporting our mission of training men and women for leadership roles in Christian ministry.


Daham Sevana has produced a large number of ordained priests to the local church. The national platform is set at Daham Sevana by forming a batch of seminarians who successfully complete their inital formation at their respective diocesan minor seminaries. This national batch continue their journey throughout the major seminary and treasure the companionship as priests while  serving their respectived dioceses.


The companionship built at Daham Sevana in not only limited among the priest colleagues. But also it expands to the extend to those who chose to remain a layman.The seminarians spend a crucial year in their life as well as in their journey towrds priesthood. Thus Daham Sevana is indeed a crucial juncture in the life of these young seminarians in making a life long decision. Undoubtedly, the ex-seminarians of Daham Sevana too have revered memories of their stay at daham Sevana. 

Message from the first Bishop from all the batches that left Daham Sevana from her inception.

Daham Sevana Propaedeutic Seminary of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus is celebrating the 40th Anniversary of its existence, a gift par-excellence of the Archdiocese  of Colombo to the Sri Lankan Church.  I was privileged to be in the third batch (1982/1983), under the guidance of late Rev. Fr. Anslem Croos (Rector), Rev. Fr. Malcom Ranjith  and Rev. Fr. Sam Quintus. We have learnt now, that there are four primary areas of Formation and they are Spiritual, Human, Intellectual and Pastoral. Ours was integral.  Immediately our experience in the Minor Seminaries, Daham Sevana was in the initial stage of embarking into a new world of freedom, study and a life full of  nature – we explored the secrets and the value of creation.  We were taught to appreciate them and to live with the nature without harming the same.  Our Formators then lived with it and our group enjoyed every minute of our precious stay in the Seminary.  We were led to experience the presence of God, by first the example of the Formators and secondly by the very teaching of Salvation History and few other important subjects.  We began to taste and smell the future Priestly Ministry while walking and working with our dedicated Formators.  It was clear that, in the end, it is the Holy Spirit who forms through all those mediators.  So we were taught to open ourselves up, personally and profoundly, to the sanctifying action of the Spirit, and to form a sense of community which corresponds to the formative process.   Our Home, Daham Sevana, gave us the above experience in abundance.   The present Rector, Very Rev. Fr. Cecil Joy Perera was reminding me that I am the first Bishop from all the batches that left Daham Sevana from her inception.   I feel humbled and truly grateful to all my batch mates who shared our lives together. To all the great past Formators, the present Rector, Staff and the Students, I wish to say, "Thank you" and God bless you and guide you in all your future undertakings.  May Daham Sevana continue to be a shining light, a leader guiding the young Seminarians to the new world with new challenges
Most Rev. Dr. Raymond Wickramasinghe
Bishop of Galle, Sri Lanka


In September 1980, the Intermediate Seminary (Daham Sevana) was inaugurated with its first batch of 19 Seminarians - 6 from the Archdiocese of Colombo, 10 from Galle Diocese and 3 from Chilaw Diocese. Late Msgr. Ignatius Gamlath was the 1st Rector, and the Asst. Rector was Rev. Fr. Malcolm Ranjith – the present Archbishop of Colombo, Out of the batch of 19 Seminarians, 10 were ordained as Priests. 8 for the Galle Diocese, 1 for Chilaw Diocese and I was the only one for the Archdiocese of Colombo to be ordained from the first batch of Seminarians from Intermediate Seminary (Daham Sevana) in 1987. Amidst all the upheavals I am greatly thankful for God’s providence, and also to Rev. Fr. Malcolm Ranjith the present Archbishop of Colombo, His Eminence Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith for standing up for the truth and justice during our seminary struggle enabling me to continue in my vocation of Priesthood.
Rev. Fr. Susith Silva
DS Class of 81 (Archdiocese of Colombo)
"Daham Sevana, also known as 'Mont Eden', I recall as an ‘Oasis‘ where many of us rediscovered the beauties of the ‘Paradise’, God Almighty had embedded in us. Talents bloomed into the full & the Fragrance released. 'Croos Papa', as many called him ( Rev. Fr. Anslem de Croos) along with Very Rev. Fr. Sam Quintus, was the Guiding Star that moulded us while bringing Daham Sewana into present shape. An Experience Par Excellence!"
Rev. Fr. Priyantha Silva
DS Class of 82
(Archdiocese of Colombo)
"The biggest transformation of life in stepping to salubrious environment of Daham Sevana was the opportunity to ponder and wonder in tranquility of life experiencing a wealth of empirical knowledge away from the hustle bustle of the city life in the minor seminary..Every moment spent there was human yet divine. Waiting to catch such a feeling and time once more in life."
Rev. Fr. Kennedy Perera
DS Class of 89
(Archdiocese of Colombo)
"Daham Sevena was that place where we could encounter and experience the Lord in nature and among community, free from academic assignments with ample time to discern deeply our calling to the priesthood in a very personal manner. It has the perfect environs most conducive to dig deep to lay a firm foundation for a solid priestly life. The Kalutara Seminary, thus, stands out as an important milestone on our journey towards the Altar."
Rev. Fr. Quintas Fernando
DS Class of 1992
(Archdiocese of Colombo)
"Daham Sevana touched the concrete life style of a diocesan priest. When unexpected circumstances control the day, I am reminded of the unexpected morning bell by Fr Cycil Joy. When I have to cook alone, I am reminded of the cooking weekend. The memory of the camping weekend is still in our minds. The academic formation and the yearn for research have led us a long way. We are so much grateful to Rev. Fr. Cycil Joy Perera and Rev Fr. Expeditus Jayakody."
Rev. Fr Alex Janaka
DS Class of 2000
(Diocese of Kurunegala)
"Throughout the years you withstand the test of time, exposing diversity and cultural heritage sublime. Distinct in academic excellence and dynamic policy, upholding culture and nature in harmony. I find you as a magnificent sanctuary and a sustainable blessing from God the Almighty."
Rev. Fr V. Ranjan Xavier
DS Class of 2010 (Diocese of Mannar)
“Daham Sevana, our Propaedeutic Seminary was the gate of my journey towards the Priesthood. If I am to look back the period of my formation, the most cherishable days were the days spent at this blessed place. We were so young and very new to a relaxed and in a safe and friendly atmosphere. The gate of this hallowed place was always open to open ourselves to different realities which we had no idea about. Thank you, Lord for the wonderful days you marked to mould us, your priestly sons.”
Rev. Fr Jeriston Vincent
DS Class of 2007 (Diocese of Batticaloa)