In May 2016, Fr Cecil Joy Perera, the Rector of Daham Sevana Seminary, wrote the lyrics and composed the melody of the Daham Sevana Anthem, which begins with the two Latin words from Psalm 46,10. In fact, Cessate, Cognoscite, Be ye still,and know that I am God, is actually the Motto of this Seminary. The Motto also was proposed by Fr Cecil Joy Perera, who designed the Crest and the Flag of the Seminary as well. They were all endorsed by His Eminence, Most Rev Dr Malcom Cardinal Ranjith, the Archbishop of Colombo. Each time the seminarians sing this anthem they are reminded about the main purpose of their stay at Daham Sevana Seminary; to stop contemplatively and think about the calling they have received from God, because this is their year of Discernment and Formation.

The music direction and recording of the anthem was done by Mr Udara Fernando of Kadalana, Moratuwa, at his recording studion in Kadalana.

Each year, we get that particular batch of seminarians to produce a video clip of their own for this anthem, and that will remain as a pleasant reserve of memories, which they could call back later in the future.

Found below are the lyrics:


Cessate, Cognoscite // 

Be ye still, and know I’m God

 Cessate, Cognoscite


   1.   The world is like a busy bee    hive, where where rest is hardly found

            Come with me to solitude

            Come, rest, be refreshed, know the path, which I have planned for you                                                               

       2. The Sacred Heart what bids the weary come, and the burdened ones alike

           My yoke is easy burden light

           Come, rest, be refreshed, know the path, which I have planned for you

       3. Joseph Vaz the hero saint; Apostle of this land

           Sets a model for your future

           Come, rest, be refreshed, know the path, which I have planned for you

       4. Daham Sevana is our hallowed home, we left our boats behind

          Discern we here the will of God

           Pray and work to step beyond with Mary at her school of Calvary

Lyrics & Melody  : Rev. Fr. Cecil Joy Perera

Motives behind the lyrics:

The words are specifically aimed at inviting the seminarians to focus on the objectives of their formation here. They are reminded that the world outside is extremely restless, and here in this salubrious home of godly solitude they can find inner peace and rest, which are conducive to stop and think about their calling.

In this journey here, the love of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus is our inspiration, and we run to the consoling and invigorating presence of the Most Sacred Heart when we are in need of clearer vision to discern what we ought to do.

St Joseph Vaz, the Apostle of Sri Lanka is our model. We need to closely reflect on his life and mission and be guided by his apostolic zeal in our future mission within this land.

We never forget the maternal care and guidance of Mary, our Blessed Mother, and we are always prepared to learn at Her special catechism school of Calvary. She taught us valuable lessons at the foot of the Cross.

Daham Sevana is our home, and not another institution of formation. We love this home and we are her children. We pledge our loyalty and love to her now and always.

May this anthem inspire our seminarians always and be for them a sweet melody and memory all their life.